Access to Manchester

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Chorley borders Manchester, one of the world’s most exciting city regions.

Manchester is the strongest regional economy in the UK and an international business location with thousands of companies. Choosing to locate in Chorley puts 200 global destinations within easy reach from Manchester Airport.

With five world-class universities and more than 100,000 students, Manchester offers Chorley-based businesses access to the world’s brightest minds and research possibilities.

You get all this on your doorstep while paying much less for your space and with the peace of mind that we’ll do all we can to meet your business needs.

Manchester’s famous sporting, shopping and cultural attractions are just half an hour away too.

From Chorley to ​By car By train​
​M60 (Manchester Orbital) ​20 mins ​-
​Manchester city centre ​30 mins ​25 mins
​Manchester Airport ​35 mins ​50 mins
​Trafford Centre ​30 mins ​-

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