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We know that other places will claim their location can set them apart as a place to do business so we’ve gone one further and put together a package of financial measures that will make Choosing Chorley a more attractive proposition.

We know that when it comes to expanding, relocating or setting up that making the process as easy as possible and offering financial support is a key part of this.

It's not just for businesses outside of Chorley - if you're looking to expand or relocate within Chorley then support is available for you too.

We are offering:

• Red carpet introduction to key people in the town including a soft landing scheme that utilises the strengths of Chorley’s business community to make any relocation as easy and welcoming as possible.

• Financial incentives through a comprehensive grants scheme available for businesses that is straightforward to access – includes guidance on securing other funding that might be available to you.

• Tailored support for your business growth – we’ll give you access to potential new sites and a full database of properties that are available for use. This includes a streamlined planning process with a commitment to saying ‘yes’ to good development.

• You can also see details of our comprehensive business support service here.

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