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​Chorley is the perfect place if you’re looking for a retail expansion.

The town centre is one of the few in the country to see increasing footfall and low vacancy rates due to its mix of large retailers, independent store and a community willing to do more.

A significant amount of change is taking place in the town centre, and this will continue in the coming years. This includes:

• Reopening of Market Street – creating free parking spaces close to shops
• Development of a new Asda store that will be completed in late 2014
• Improvements to the length of the main shopping street, Market Street, with more than £1 million invested in making the town more appealing to visitors and shoppers

This is all being informed by a town centre masterplan that has just been developed highlighting key developments for the future. You can view the full detail of the masterplan here.

Chorley Council has recently bought the town’s main shopping centre Market Walk with great opportunities to get your business in the best location in town meaning the authority has a greater control of what’s happening locally.

All that complements the famous Chorley Markets, which are at 100 per cent capacity, and provide a draw from people right across the region.

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